Monday, July 21, 2014

Customized Bridal Alterations in Salt Lake Valley, Utah at Dani's Bridal Works

At Dani's Bridal Works, we know sometimes it's not enough to just find the perfect wedding dress -- sometimes you have to help make it the perfect wedding dress! One of the highlights of our centrally located bridal shop in Salt Lake, Utah is unique bridal dress alterations and modifications to make it the dress of your dreams.

Lately, we've been working hard for many brides, making their chosen dresses even more in the style of their dreams. For many brides, it is hard to find a modest wedding dress in the style or material she wants. Luckily, with our professional and experienced alterations, you can pick a mainstream style and add an elegant sleeves or have a delicate bolero made to match your dress to bring it to the modest style you've always been after!

 Whether you've bought your dress from us or not, we are more than happy to help you achieve your dream look for your big day. Contact us ASAP to schedule an appointment to determine what you would like done to your dress to have it fit you like a glove, in the style you desire and with any extra details added to make you shine! Call us at (801) 255-4411 today.

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