Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Challenge of Utah Wedding Dress Shopping

Being a part of the Utah bridal industry is a real treat; weddings are not something unusual or uncommon and we get to be a part of a wide variety of brides' special days. Being a Salt Lake City based bridal shop, Dani's Bridal loves seeing the variety of brides from all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. 

However, there is one challenge we consistently come across, unintentionally created from time to time due to the nature of many Utah weddings. That is the short time frame of the wedding. It is not uncommon for many Utah brides to only have an engagement/wedding planning period of 5 months or less! While it is nice to have a short engagement period (it allows the happy couple to be together sooner and is a shorter amount of time for wedding stress) it does come with the challenge for bridal shops like ours to have enough time to order your dream dress. 

With the proper time frame, you can get a beautiful dress like the one above! At Dani's Bridal Work, we are an official shop for Alfred Algelo's Disney Fairy Tale Bridal Line. This is Style 206, inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 
Let me explain: the traditional order of business involved with buying your dream wedding dress first requires a fitting to determine your measurements, which are then sent off to the manufacturer who custom makes your wedding dress according to your size. This custom-made dress is then shipped back to us where we have a second fitting to specify where the dress needs to be altered to achieve the perfect fit and tailor. Alterations require another 2 to 4 weeks, depending on wether it's peak season or not, and then you have your final fitting and the joy of taking your dress home to wear on your big day.

All in all, this process usually takes 6 to 7 months! Having the dress made from your specific measurements at the manufacturer alone takes about 5 months. You may now understand our predicament when we have a bride come in to our store who is getting married in 5 months or less. Unfortunately, wedding dress shopping (as a rule) is not a "browse and pick up the same day" process that we are used to.

No need to stress! Dani's Bridal Works is here to help make the process of finding your wedding dress a smooth and enjoyable experience! If you are having a hard time finding a dress that will be ready before your wedding, consider purchasing a sample dress or extending your engagement period. 
Luckily, you are not out of options if you have a wedding rapidly approaching. At Dani's Bridal Works, we have made speed one of our niches! We have a small selection of sample dresses we will sell to you on a quicker time frame. While it is still not a "pick up the same day" situation, it is a much faster process; more like about 4-8 weeks. All that will need to be done is take your measurements, alter the dress and have it fitted to make sure it is the perfect cut.

At Dani's Bridal Works, we find enjoyment in helping brides prepare for their special day and move forward in her plan to find her beautiful wedding gown and accessories; there is an enthusiasm (perhaps from all that romantic love) that is simply contagious! No matter your time frame or needs, give us a call at (801) 255-4411 and schedule an appointment today.

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